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In this economy, more and more people are facing home foreclosure through no fault of their own. They are hard workers who stumbled upon bad times.

If you face foreclosure of your home, the Miami loan modification lawyers at Miami Foreclosure Defense Law Office may be able to negotiate a loan modification with your mortgage company. Contact our law firm today for a free consultation and case evaluation. We will fight for your rights — and your home.

What Is a Loan Modification?

A loan modification is a permanent change in one or more of the terms of the mortgage. Through a Florida loan modification, the mortgage is reinstated, foreclosure is stopped and payments become more affordable.

There are many different ways to modify a loan:

  • Reducing the interest to your loan
  • Increasing the payment period/adding years to the mortgage
  • Reducing the principal amount you owe on the loan
  • A combination of the above

Why Should You Hire a Loan Modification Attorney?

While the loan modification process can be beneficial to lenders — foreclosure is costly and there are federal incentives to modify loans — many mortgage companies/banks choose not to enter into loan modifications. Under federal and state laws, mortgage companies are not required to discuss a loan modification. A Miami loan modification lawyer can help you get a foot in the door with your mortgage company.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that they can go it alone — that they can fight mortgage foreclosure or convince their mortgage lender to give them better terms. Don’t risk losing your home. Put an experienced Florida loan modification attorney on your side.

We understand that you are in a financial bind right now. In Florida, loan modification attorneys and other companies cannot accept money up front to help you with a loan modification. Let us negotiate with your mortgage company for an alternative to foreclosure.

Contact Our Miami Loan Modification Lawyers

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