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In recent years, some banks and mortgage lenders in South Florida have engaged in predatory lending practices. These mortgage lenders have pushed borrowers to take on more debt than they could handle. Some were not honest when describing the costs of the loan. Still others conspired with appraisers to artificially inflate the selling price of a home and the resulting fees.

At Miami Foreclosure Defense Law Office our Miami, Florida, mortgage fraud lawyers stand up for victims of predatory mortgage lending. We are aggressive trial attorneys who will fight for your rights and your home.

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Helping You Save Your Home

Our Miami mortgage fraud lawyers will carefully evaluate the facts and legal issues in your case. If we believe that you are a mortgage fraud victim, we will aggressively represent you in your case against the predatory mortgage lender — fighting for your rights and seeking justice in the legal system.

Experienced South Florida Real Estate Attorneys

The Miami Foreclosure Defense Law Office has practiced in the area of real estate law for many years. We understand the mortgage players in South Florida and their lending practices.

If you are a victim of mortgage fraud by a bank or mortgage lender, we will use our legal experience in real estate and mortgage fraud to stand up for your rights. We want to help you keep your home.

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